The greatest view in Torres del Paine


Kau Laguna Azul It is located in the Laguna Azul sector, with stunning views of Torres del Paine. We have parking for motorhomes/campers, as well as hot water showers. You can rent a tent, sleeping bag and mat. Simply pitch your own tent and enjoy a wonderful view!


Entering the Kau Laguna Azul you will enjoy the tranquility of a unique and privileged place in Torres del Paine


Waking up to the best view of Torres del Paine


Our camping base has all the options to feel as in your home, including: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. We offer accommodation in camping to recharge your energies and prepare your new adventures in the National Park.



Discover the Torres del Paine National Park with our different activities. You will be able to conquer the most exciting destinations of the Chilean Patagonia while unraveling its mind-blowing paths.

Amazing Landscapes

The Park offers world-class natural features, which hypnotize all of its visitors. Be a part of the expeditions that will take you to the most mystical and magnificent surroundings.

Unique Adventure

The Glacier’s constant change translates into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will never visit the same rivers, arcs, tunnels and surface giving its daily transformation. Come conquer this centenary landscape!

Explore Grey Glacier

After a hike on the Nunatak Island, the Glacier unfolds itself with its marveling shades of blue and white. It lets us appreciate its immensity while walking over the impressive surface that covers this gigantic ice field.

Qualified Guides

With Kau you will have the most expert and skilled guides at your disposal. Our team consists only of experienced and trained people with years of background on the job. Travel safe with us!

Kayaking in Grey

Commonly described as breathtaking, this adventure explores the east face of the Grey Glacier, allowing us to steer between icebergs as we move through the Grey Lake. This privileged view can be achieved only from the water. Dont sleep on it!.